It never ceases to amaze me that people genuinely believe that they can become instant millionaires and gain instant celebrity status by writing an unintelligible gaggle of sentences, call it a novel or whatever and self-publish it as an eBook on Amazon and sell it for 99c (86p in UK). Why do I mention UK? Because most of the self-published crap on Amazon is written in English meaning it’s only available to a very limited market.
Here’s a little statistic to be getting along with; You will make on average of 1 online sale for every 1000 views of your specific product as opposed to 1 in every 100 physical inspections in a physical shop environment. This means on Amazon to sell 1000 eBook downloads you need 1 million product hits. Is your 99c unedited, unchecked eBook going to get 1 million hits when it’s amongst 4,999,999 other pieces of crap on Amazon? Answer = dream on. If you sell 99 copies be happy because that’s highest level of best-selling 99c crap. Now if your story/manuscript was really worth publishing it would have been picked up by an agent or publisher by now and be available for a download license fee on just 2 websites. What’s better for your success as a writer? A flawed monopoly model for authors offered on Amazon Kindle where you only own the embedded words in Amazon’s software (same applies to all 3rd party eBook software). OR your work being seen and promoted at all the world’s major book fairs around the world, sold into the trade in every English speaking nation AND available in every good bookstore! Remember everything that’s been published with your name on it, good, bad or really crap, will forever have your name attached to it. If you write and publish crap you will be known for this. IF anyone actually ever reads your work and that’s a very BIG IF.