Renewable energy is being rammed down our throats, but do we really know what’s going on. Here’s a few short issues to think about.

1/. Solar power cells require sunlight to generate electricity. How much sunlight do you get where you live? Does it snow in winter? Sunlight cannot penetrate snow and get to the solar panels to generate power. Has anyone invented a cost effective way of storing solar energy for the dark times? Nope! How often will you be required to be hooked up to your national grid? Is going green spending your hard earned cash on solar panels really cost effective? My personal experience. If you live in Australia, damned right it is, if you live in Switzerland, not a hope in hell.

2/. Wind turbines. Ugly things that blot landscapes and seascapes. Wind turbines need the wind to operate right? Well yes, when the wind don’t blow the wind turbine don’t go, but if the wind blows too hard wind turbines have to be shut down. In other words when the wind blows the power goes. Can you afford to be hooked to such an ineffective electricity supply. If you live din Australia, hell yes. If you live in anywhere it gets really cold for long periods of time, I don’t think so.

3/. Electric cars. Biggest fraud since cellulite was invented. Do you know who benefits from electric cars? China and why? China is a major Lithium supplier along with Bolivia. Is switching from middle east oil to Chinese Lithium going to be any better? Batteries require charging and what do they need? Yes electricity. Where does this electricity come from? Power stations of course and don’t many nations already have a major shortage of electricity generation. So where is all this extra electricity coming from? Bugger if I know. Did you know that the average electric car battery pack costs $9000 each. Do you have 9 grand if the battery pack fails. Where are all these battery packs going to be dumped when they fail and believe me batteries fail. I used to run a battery overhaul shop. Rechargeable battery packs can also catch on fire, thermal runaway it’s called officially. Batteries are just as dangerous as petrol in many areas and at least petrol evaporates. Finally did you know that it costs more to manufacture an electric car than they can be sold for. In other words these so called green alternative vehicles have to be subsidized and who pays these subsidies? Yes you the taxpayer. And finally how much driving range do these electric cars have? Can you imagine how your freedom of movement will be restricted if we all drove electric cars. Think about it. I could visit my daughter and get home again without a 6 hour recharge.

Going green really means giving more power to those who would restrict our freedoms. Why do you think there are green political parties run by vegans. These people want to control us. Impose their wills upon us. Next time you think environmentally friendly just ask yourself who is it really friend to? I’m all in favour of protecting our environment, but I’m not in favour of having some tree hugging tofu sucking individual telling me how I’m going to live my life. Environmentally friendly does not mean controlling me or you or anybody else for that matter. Mother nature will tell US when she’s had enough.