Back in 1986 the Warrant Officer Disciplinarian (W.O.D.) of No. 2 Aircraft Depot (2AD) was venting his unreserved rage upon my person because he caught me walking with my hands behind my back. Abuse of subordinates was something these guys enjoyed, a sadistic ritual often reaching into the boundary of abuse of power. Often screaming at people was done simply because they could. It had nothing to do with discipline it was power afforded by military rank. Anyway this person was ranting his nose a few inches from mine that only the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles and others of noble could walk unsanctioned with their hands behind their backs. Dumbarse Corporals fucking marched he literally spat in my face as his rage peaked. Naturally this dumbarse Corporal said nothing he just stood there and allowed this person to abuse with his voice and saliva my being. I was comforted by the fact that in a few weeks I was “getting out” of the Royal Australian Air Force (R.A.A.F) and this fuckwitt would have to pick on others.
Fast forward to 2011 and who’d a thunk it? I have finished my family history and discover that I am related to a real Duke, real Earl and a real Baronet along with a few knights of the realm including one belonging to a famous acting dynasty family. My best mate is a Baronet and a good mate is an Earl. All genuine Nobles so Mr. W.O.D. wherever you are I am still walking around with my hands behind my back and if you see me, please oh please try it on again.
For the rest reading this little rant you may or may not believe what you read. For me it’s no matter as I didn’t believe it at first, but who’d a thunk it? I was entitled to walk with my hands behind my back after all.  🙂

PS: If you want to know who these people are you will have to buy my families history book when it’s published. The writing is finished and I am now collecting photographs.