Porsche 964, 993 & 996 Data Plate Code Breaker


Porsche 964, 993 & 996 Data Plate Code Breaker 00016

Title: Porsche 964, 993 & 996 Data Plate Code Breaker

Author: Adrian Streather

Publisher: Veloce Publishing

Language: English

Type: Softcover

Number of pages: 96

ISBN-13: 978-1-845841-95-9


This book provides a comprehensive list of all build specification codes used by Porsche AG for the Porsche 911 series from model years 1989 to 2005. VIN, model type, country, exterior paint color, interior color combinations, material codes, and standard, special and Porsche Exclusive options for the 964, 993 and 996 series are provided in detail. Option codes for other Porsche models built between 1978 and 2005 are also included if known to the author. This book will not only be of great value to current Porsche owners, but to potential Porsche purchasers as well. The buyer can use this handbook to confirm the accuracy of the seller’s description by comparing the data in the book to what is advertised and what is actually installed, giving the buyer a much greater advantage. Information contained within the book will also help owners and buyers overcome problems caused by missing identification labels, and will free up time currently wasted trawling the internet for answers.


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