One of the biggest cons of the late 20th century is the magazine industry convincing writers to provide content (articles) for free. So many freelancers have fallen for the idea that advertising and name exposure is worth its weight in gold. Yes it is, to the media owner who sells his or her magazine solely made up of free content to the unsuspecting public.

I was asked to provide free content in return for the advertising and exposure and nothing happened except that the magazine’s owner was able to fund trips around the world to visit all major car shows. He was making money off the writers, but never compensated them.

My plea to writers and not just for magazines, novelists providing Amazon and other companies with free content is just crazy. Free advertising and exposure doesn’t pay the bills. STOP WRITING FOR FREE you are worth more than that.  Stop cheapening our industry and killing our livelihood. I was told very recently that a major magazine I held in great regard, charges public RRP of $15.00 a copy and yet does not pay any of it’s regular 30 freelance contributors and that’s disgusting.

If we are not careful the freebie brigade will drive industrial relations back to the 18th century. STOP WORKING FOR FREE! YOU ARE NOT SLAVE LABOUR but by your action of providing free content you are allowing entire segments of our industry to view us all as slaves. I’ve helped out, but I’ll never work for free when others make a profit from my effort and nor should you!