5 years on and nothing’s changed

I am starting my new blog in my new website essentially where I left off in 2006 and nothing has changed. The whole debate over publishing is still dominated by the moaning unpublished! OMG! That’s a controversial thing to write? Not very politically correct especially if you are one of the moaning unpublished reading this blog! But people really, you need to get a life and work out why your manuscripts are constantly rejected by publisher after publisher. I’ll let you into a little secret, it’s because you are writing shit. I am a potential customer and I’m not paying for shit and the traditional publishers know this. Their submissions editors ruthlessly weed out the shit and id they’re not hooked by the first five pages it’s in the bin. Oh yes ignoring a publishing houses’ submission guidelines ensures your solicited or unsolicited submission goes straight into the mail room’s garbage bin, but I digress.

How dare he I hear the moaning unpublished screaming at the tops of their voices at their computer screens and whilst the screaming and verbal abuse continues let’s have a quick look at what a real publisher does when it selects a manuscript and author to publish.

  • Signs a paper contract between it and the author clearly defining all the steps of the process including royalty and advance payments (don’t expect these anymore and you won’t be disappointed especially if you are a newbie) if applicable.
  • An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is allocated.
  • Copyright for the book is properly registered, recorded and correctly explained in the book.
  • The final submission draft is professionally edited.
  • The final submission draft is professionally spell checked.
  • The final submission draft is professionally grammar checked.
  • The final submission draft be it fact or fiction is fact checked.
  • The final is professionally proof read.
  • The final submission draft is continuity checked.
  • An expert indexing person creates the index if need.
  • A proper relevant cover is designed.
  • A proper and relevant title is created.
  • The final book file (proofs) are all checked again.

And guess what? These same basic requirements apply to all printed and eBooks. The only real difference between the printed and downloadable products is what happens to the final book file? Does it go to the printer and turned into a physical paper book or to the IT department where it’s electronically crunched and formatted for the various electronic e-reader systems out there in the market place?

So next time you think to yourself eBooks are cheaper to produce, think again.

Publishing houses large or small, are brands with standards to uphold. Publishers are like investment bankers who only invest in authors and their work. Sometimes these publishers invest huge sums in us and expect a return on the investment. Publishers are business houses not charities. Even not-for-profit publishers have to at least break even. However, unlike investment bankers no publisher is too big to fail and will never be bailed out by the taxpayer when a bad economic time like now is taking its toll.  Publishing houses employ people and those people’s jobs depend on our work creating income so we can all make a living.

Without healthy and vibrant publishing houses I cannot get quality books to sell in my shop. I cannot get quality eBooks because I have been denied access to the eBook distribution system and reselling eBooks is made impossible by draconian monolithic monopolies inventing laws and controlling the distribution chain through various online terms and conditions agreements.

Why I use the spelling verbage not verbiage?

There are three answers to why I use the incorrectly spelling verbage instead of the correct spelling verbiage:

  1. The word verbage is formed by mixing verbiage (too many words) and garbage (printed and electronic wannabie author’s manuscripts overwhelming publishing houses electronic and physical mailrooms simultaneously).
  2. There’s a whole swath of self-appointed internet author/writer protectors who try and tell us what we can and cannot do. Do a google search for the word verbage and you will see what I mean. Besides I am sure the word itself will get into the major dictionaries in the coming years.
  3. Because I can. 😉

Whilst I respect the right of everyone to have an opinion it doesn’t mean I have to read it or listen to it.

Basically I am sick sorry and fed up with people telling others what they can and cannot do. Giving advice based on experience, knowledge and intelligence is one thing, trying to control others is a whole different ball game and one I won’t play. 😉

Originality has given way to remaking the remakes, which were once original, but alas no more 🙁

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Hi and welcome to Adrian’s Verbage

Welcome to the blog known as:
Adrian’s Verbage

Over time you will find honest and forthright book reviews (if any publishers and/or authors actually send me any books to review) and my personal opinions called by many in the past as often called diatribe or written outbursts of an insane over sensitive mind. 😀

I also want to point out that this blog would have been possible without the huge effort of my website design team D4design Studios headed up by Tim Kilcher.