It deeply saddens me when I am constantly reminded of the rise of mediocrity across the world. Why has such an evil concept been allowed to flourish across all the human race?
I use as one example self-published eBooks, which are not just the epitome of individual mediocrity, but a victory for egotistical vanity over self-respect. If ones written work is not accepted by the publishing industry for whatever reason, why should it still be rammed down the throats of the book loving and reading public?
There are obviously many answers and one would have to get inside the head of the sel-pubished,but there is a driving force behind mediocrity in the eBook publishing industry in particular: There are monopolistic global corporations out there living and breeding mediocrity across all land. These corporations make money from volume sales and none care one iota about quality of the product sold. In fact said corporations have developed compost heap style of self-publishing software for which, said corporations are absolved by its users from any responsibility for the rubbish the software crunching spews out in the form of an eBook. However, I digress.
I am a great fan of earning the respect of ones peers and readers (our customers) by producing quality material. I agree that we can’t get it right all the time, but at least in most cases the reader (our customers) know who stuffed up. I have had numerous manuscripts and ideas rejected by my publishers over the past 10 years. 19 titles published in four languages and at least 6 rejected.
However, mediocrity is not limited to the great unpublished who continue to moan despite the fact that their mediocre work is finally getting an opportunity to pollute the earth.  It’s also rising within the print publishing industry because so many imprint (individual publishing brands singular or within a larger group) senior executives have their collective heads stuck in the sand hoping that all the bad shit will pass them by. Won’t happen people and if you don’t lift up your heads and positively respond with desperately needed change, we’re all doomed to being crushed by mediocrity and unemployed. The publishing industry must shed itself of old ways and traditions. As an example it must stop using agents as free vetting facilities and deliberately separating itself from the manuscript writer. Middlemen suck the life out of any industry and certainly suck the life out of a published author’s royalties. But mediocrity is spreading much further, expanding into politics. Okay I know what you are all thinking, politicians and mediocrity are words that are spelled differently, but mean the same thing. Bear with me though please. 🙂
In recent months the Swiss Government handed sovereign power over to foreign private industry. Can anyone imagine anything more mediocre than a Government that cedes power to foreign companies?  In Switzerland a German, French or Italian publisher can force a Swiss book retailer to sell at a fixed price. Can anyone imagine other countries ceding sovereignty. Okay all the members of the EU, but apart from these 27 nations and the Swiss anyone else? USA to China I hear many call out! And what are the mediocre doing about this? Absolutely nothing. In fact I read a comment the other day from a mediocre responding to the call to bring manufacturing back to our nations.  He said and I quote “If it was made here it would be too expensive. I want my electronic goods cheap and all my downloads free!” end quote. Says it all really doesn’t it?
It was once said that “the meek shall inherit the earth” sadly I feel it’s going to be the mediocre especially in the publishing industry. 🙁