The name Grimmenstein-Streather Publishing Company was registered by Adrian Streather with ASIC on the 4th of December 2013.

Why was the company founded?

To provide an umbrella sole trader company for all activities Adrian Streather undertakes. These activities include, but not limited to:

  1. Authoring contracted books to external publishing houses such as Veloce Publishing Ltd of Dorchester.

  2. Authoring Adrian’s own projects such as his quit smoking book and various novels in various stages of writing.

  3. Sale of Adrian’s authored books and other selected books from his publishers via this online bookshop and via Adrian’s office and studio in Parafield Gardens.

  4. English language publishing services excluding actual book-printing (outsourced).

  5. Marketing and distribution of any in-house published books with the Grimmenstein label.

  6. Promoting, distributing and marketing photographic works and services via Adrian’s photographic company Man Cave Photography.

  7. Co-ordinating and promoting other professional services of by Adrian including various courses such as creative writing being planned.

  8. Co-ordinating and promoting various Porsche 911 model technical sessions and other Porsche car related activities.

It will take time for all the features and roles designed by Adrian for his company to come online, but rest assured the words “giving up” are not part of his business plan.