Corruption involved in obtaining product reviews issue just seems to get bigger. A major and trusted travel advisory website has uncovered a large number of travel related businesses using corrupt review generating practices. Most common are:

  • Paying customers to write good reviews of business
  • Paying customers to write fake bad reviews against competition
  • Staff writing fake good reviews for business
  • Staff writing fake bad reviews against competition

In the book reading world attacks in the form of one star reviews are being against some eBook authors. Their crime is not writing rubbish stories, but charging a fair and reasonable price for their work. Proper pricing of professionally published eBooks has upset somebody or something (insert name of your favorite monopoly) who or what clearly want prices driven down. How is this battle being fought? By large numbers of untraceable individuals writing one star reviews primarily on everyone’s favourite monopoly online shop. If anyone believes these reviews are true & honest I have a bridge to sell you.

The corruption of the product review system is the equivalent of drugs in sports. It’s corruption and cheating, but we all know that to win at all costs overrides honesty, decency and all concepts of fair play. As the years roll by it’s clear that the bad guy is winning and depressingly it seems that nothing can be done to stop his or her onward march. However, I want to make one thing crystal clear. The bad guy is not the devil or some other super natural entity, it’s human nature. As our species matures it gets nastier as conscious and goodness are eroded by the general dumbing down and tolerance to badness. The recent riots in London are a graphic example of what I mean. 27% of the rioters were before the riots law abiding citizens unknown to law enforcement. Only 25% were hardened criminals.

Anyway to all those authors who’ve cheated or paid for good reviews: SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on you. Remember cheaters never prosper and you will be exposed for what you are on day. Hopefully when you are a better known writer so your fall from grace is even harder. And by the way, it’s pretty easy to identify the book review cheaters/buyers. Arrogance and ego, wallowing in their own self-importance (especially posting links on Twitter) makes them too stupid to notice that 75 5-star reviews for a 99c piece of eBook junk is clearly bullshit!