Anh Vu

Born at sea, Anh Vu grew up in Quebec City and Montreal where she fell in love with fashion with a European flair.

In Paris, Ms Vu fine tuned her design knowledge while working for couture houses such as Koji Tatsuno and then for Lapidus. After graduating with honors and winning a gold thimble in 1998 from Parsons School of Design, she began designing costumes for modern dancers in NYC with InMixedCompany.

Following a career in large US firms in New York and California such as Calvin Klein, Nautica and Gap, Inc, Anh Vu set forth to establish her own company in 2009. Working bi-coastally between LA and New York, Anh spends her downtime soaking rays on the beach.

She created L’une [loon], a collection that combines European knowledge, American modern lines, and her passion for newness in technology and innovation. Her signature work with plastic, metal and glass has been featured in London, Switzerland, New York, LA, San Diego, and San Francisco.

Anh Vu has been in Seventeen, Riviera OC magazine, Runway Magazine’s emerging designers to watch, and in The Fashion District of LA spotlight.

In 2010, she was given a resolution award by the US Congress and recognized as the symbol of the next Vietnamese generation.